Ilion Civic Band in Pictures


Tom Marrone has sent us the first five pictures which show the Remington Typewrite Band, one of the forerunners to today's

Ilion Civic Band. These photos were originally owned by Tom's father and give an insight to the history of band music

in Ilion, New York.

Ilion Civic Band pre 1900

Typewriter Band 1906


Remington Typewriter Band 1912

Typewriter Band 1912


Remington Band 1937

Remington Band


Remington Band


Ilion Fireman's Band -- c. 1947


Almost  night at the Marina 

                                              Night with mosquitoes at the Marina



             Paul Bork and the Ilion Civic Band salute HCCC 


     The Doo-Dah parade (Thanks, Dutch Comstock)



                                                                    In concert at the Mohawk Valley Nursing Home



   Varnum Harris Conducts               


Tom Petty conducting at the Margaret Raney Library




Tom Petty (1955-2015)



2016 in the Gazebo



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